Hiring Now

The Finance and Investment cell of Daulat Ram College is glad to announce that the recruitment for the batch of 2025/26 has finally begun.

What is Finance and Investment Cell?

The Finance and Investment Cell of DRC is a student-driven initiative, started in 2017 with the goal of making the college's students more active in financial matters and helping them become responsible citizens in an increasingly globalised market.

What do we do?

We plan the society's activities in a way that will expose all of our members to a variety of real-world business scenarios, promote financial literacy in the most innovative ways possible, and enlarge students' knowledge by organising various workshops and interactive sessions that aid in developing their financial acumen.

FIC has been successful in achieving the same in the past and is working hard to advance the interests of members even further.

Benefits of joining The Finance and Investment Cell

  • Sharing information about finance

  • Educating students about the various fields in finance

  • Enhancing students' financial and investment knowledge to keep them current with the global economy

  • To promote financial acuity, the cell organizes various interactive sessions and discussions on different financial ideas

  • The cell also hosts a number of speaker sessions that feature experts in the field of finance to let students learn from them

  • Enhancing the practical, financial and entrepreneurship skills through events like mock stock, financial quiz, case study competition etc.

Register for Different Departments

Interested students can apply for the following departments-

🌟 Finance team

🌟 Content team

🌟 Creative team

🌟 Research team

So don't wait for the last moment to join our diverse group where exciting opportunities are waiting for you!

Last date to register: 22 December 2022

For any queries contact:πŸ“ž Navya Khurana - 7836899444 πŸ“ž Navdha Mangal - 7838524152