Taking up the initiative to self-educate and grow your financial knowledge, FIC, DRC has come up with a series of interactive and informative sessions with various finance enthusiasts and professional speakers.


The Finance and Investment cell of Daulat Ram College organized an intriguing session on 17 September 2021 to bring the light on the very eminent topic i.e. Women and wealth: Be financially independent and literate. The event started with the felicitation of the guest speaker. By 5:30 pm, the speaker commenced with his introduction in a nutshell and got down to the brass tacks. Gradually, he delivered all the subject matter of the theme in a coherent way. After close quarters of each issue prevailing and ways to tackle them all, the queries were taken towards the end of the session. Gazing at the iron will of the students, the speaker, Mr. Prashant Desai asked them to gird up the lions. This webinar was sure a much-needed motivation every young girl needs to have. 

Women all over the world, who are considered to be the LAXMI, need to give up on the orthodoxical norms of society & be their own financial managers.


On 18 August 2021, an interactive session was organized to throw light on the much-debated topic i.e. Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency. At the spur of the moment by 6 pm, the speaker started molding the perplexed minds of the attendees. It all started with an exhaustive and coherent coverage of the definition of Cryptocurrency. Gradually, all the little details of the subject matter were covered chapter and verse. The innovative, systematic, and lucid style adopted by the speaker not only enlightened the young minds but also roused them. After close quarters, the queries were taken towards the end of the session. The webinar was a great success because of the efforts of the union members and the presence of the attendees.


A very informative webinar on Stock Market in association with Herody and Groww was organized on 5th August 2021 at 5 PM. The resource person for the webinar was Mr. Harsh Goela who is a Fundamental Analyst and Economics Expert. Motivational Speaker. Trained under several experts, he has empirical experience in Stock Markets of more than eight years. The speaker began with a discussion about the current economy and various ways of its improvement. Many attendees shared their opinions through the comments section. He stated that ‘to understand the economy one must analyze the history.’ Moving forward, he shared his insights and some fascinating figures about Real Estate and its growth in India. The webinar gave an insight into the current economic trends, various financial assets, and the application of different economic tools. The session was very informative and interactive.

Instagram Live Sessions

An engaging session with the financial enthusiast and creator Mr. Raj Abhisar Agarwal was oraganized on Instagram. The session was specially directed towards college students and beginners in the field of investing and finance. He shared many examples from his life and journey as an investor giving the attendees a realistic view of the obstacles and challenges he faced when he started. He also gave suggestions and tips to the attendees on how to gain financial knowledge and the resources that they can refer to. He dealt with questions from various areas of finance like personal finance, stock markets, new financial instruments, current economic conditions, and also explained complex financial jargon, etc. The viewers found the session insightful and informative.


The Finance and Investment cell collaborated with the BSE Institute, Delhi and conducted a very enlightening webinar on the topic of “ Career options available in the field of Finance “


To understand the importance of the topic, it started with highlighting the importance of financial literacy when one has to think about his or her career in the financial market domain followed by a Discussion of equity markets including some important trading terms and the process of trading in-depth, fundamental and technical analyses and how these can be used to identify trends in the market, etc.  making it much easier and interactive for the students by taking into consideration some practical examples. The webinar also talked about the impact of demonetization, the Covid – 19 pandemic and also US elections on the Indian and US Stock markets. 


The webinar concluded by telling students more about the career options in the BFSI sector and the need of the hour to be financially literate and to gain more practical exposure in the field of finance.



 A seminar on Investment Banking was conducted in collaboration with WKV EDU. The speaker of this session was Mr. Rahul Talwar, who is a UK-based chartered accountant. The seminar lodged a crowd of 60-70 students who were eager to learn about a new career option available for them. The speaker gave deep insights into the world of investment banking to the students. He highlighted the skills- advanced Excel, financial modeling, good communication skills, decision making- one needs to break through into the investment banking field. They were very clear in their message that investment banking is open for all those people who are passionate about number crunching, money, negotiation, and deal-making. All the students appeared extremely satisfied and pleased after the seminar. Everybody learned a lot about the field, the basic skill set required to get into it, and at the same time how to work on improving these skills.