”If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice.”

- Normal Ralph Augustine

With these words in mind, the Finance and Investment Cell of Daulat Ram College organized Trader’s Conundrum, a stock market simulation competition under the latest edition of their flagship event, Exogitatia. The event was designed specifically to test the investing and financial acumen of participants through a series of grueling rounds comprising of a series of tasks and challenges. Round 1 consisted of a phased stock market simulation where traders get to invest in stocks, cryptos, and NFTs. News and rumors were floated before each round based on which participants had to place their bids. The top participants from Round 1 proceeded to Round 2, which put their financial knowledge to the test. Teams were provided with a problem-based case study. Participants were given a time limit of (time) to formulate a strategy to combat the same. These were assessed by a distinguished panel based on factors like feasibility and innovation. On the 26th, which marked the final day of the event, the top teams presented their case to the panel in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Harasaa S of FMS Delhi emerged as the victor of the competition with Vmros in Black of NIT Jamshedpur coming in at a close second. Overall, the competition was a massive success and saw registrations from students from the top institutions of the country.