Game of sharks: Pick, Pitch and Win was organized by the Finance and Investment Cell of Daulat Ram College as a part of Excogitatia, the annual finance fest. A unique game where the participants get a chance to pitch unique solutions to the business the crisis before the investors aka Sharks in an unusual yet fun manner and get a real-time ordeal of overseeing crisis management and being a part of the Board Room Discussion. The event was conducted on virtual platforms and was planned out in two rounds. First-round was conducted on 23 February 2022 wherein the participants were given 2 categories - Entrepreneurs & Companies among which they can choose any one category to play further. Each category had 5-6 riddles, with a moderately high difficulty level. Top teams that completed all 6 riddles at the earliest qualified for the next round. In the second round, participants were given a business crisis in a form of a problem statement and they had to come up with a solution for the same. Further, they had to present their solution to the investors (Judges), who own a majority stake in the company, in a unique and fun way i.e by a convincing pitch. Their motive was to convince the investors to approve and incorporate their solutions and hence bear the cost of doing so. The participants were judged on the basis of their solution, uniqueness of presentation & ability to convince the investors. The event aimed to provide students with an understanding of crisis management and board room discussions. It evaluated the participants based on their innovativeness, feasibility, viability, market potential, and sustainability. The feedback from the sharks aka judges and participants aimed for a successful event. The valuable thoughts and opinions of judges and ideas of all the participants made everyone learn for their lifetime. Team ALIG, a duo of students from Aligarh Muslim University bagged the first position while Team Order of Phoenix (Kanika and Muskan Sabharwal) from Delhi University got the second position. The winners were awarded amazing prizes. Overall, The event turned out to be a very good learning experience for all those present.