Excogitatia’21, the first-ever online fest in the history of FIC DRC was very methodically planned and executed with a relentless amount of effort by the members of the cell from 20th- 22nd February 2021.The fest despite of being conducted in the online mode was a big success. The team witnessed massive participation and support from students across different colleges of India.


A product plan competition to evaluate participants’ innovativeness, feasibility, viability, market potential, and sustainability. Here the participants could put up a whole nation with broad industries and come up with ingenious product designs.

The Prelims Round featured a neck-and-neck battle between top-tier competitors, all eager to compete in the final auctioneering round. The Bidding Round was nothing short of a real auction, giving all of the bidders involved chills. The final round was primarily focused on product development and ideation. All of the teams came up with some marvelous product development notions.


Our first-ever Virtual Treasure Hunt cum Quiz Competition 'Fintellect' was an incredible combination of two rounds, unlike standard Quizzes that consisted of question and answer sessions.

The first round, Brain Brunt, was a Treasure Hunt was full of thrills, intrigue, and wit, followed by Thought Rattle, which was a typical quiz that was indeed meant for the thoughtful ones only. Team spirit, calmness coupled with a patient and systematic approach lead to a successful and memorable first-ever online blend of treasure hunt and quiz.


A Policy formulation event to provide a platform for young minds to divert their mind energies towards policy formation. Precise policies and excellent presentations coupled with an enthusiastic audience turned the event into a very good learning experience for all those present.

The competition was executed in two stages and drew an enthusiastic crowd from different colleges across Delhi. The first stage revolved around policy formulation on a problem statement provided by the organizers. Shortlisted teams were able to make it to the final round and presented their formulation on the final day and addressed the interjections raised by the interjecting teams and the jury.


Mocktion proved to be a golden opportunity for cricket lovers who got to gain an insightful experience with a chance to win exciting prizes.

The event was held in 2 stages and drew a huge flock of enthusiastic participants. The first round was a fun-filled cricket quiz containing time-bound riddles and challenges. Thereafter, With all eyes on the finale, a real-life virtual cricket auction commenced with the top 10 teams on board. Each team had to put forward carefully thought-out bids and strive to get the best players in their cradle to form the best cricket team ever.


Game of stocks, the annual mock stock market was executed in 2 rounds. At the start, a set of stock-related news pieces were floated among the participants who based on sentiments formed had to make initial market investments of a maximum of Rs.500000 in total. Sectoral limits on transactions doubled the fun and challenges.

Few teams were then shortlisted for the second round based on the profits earned. The second round had the best of investors on board. With the 2nd set of news afloat in the market, the market sentiments took a sharp turn. The investments became riskier and more rewarding for the matter. The team with the best strategy all along was declared the winner.