The Finance and Investment Cell, Daulat Ram College hosted CRYPTO FANTASY- An online simulated crypto trading competition. The competition was conducted on the ‘Roostoo’ app which provides a real-time, risk-free trading experience. It was a 3 days event.  The leaderboard was updated on a real-time basis to avoid any sort of unfair means. We had a tremendous turnout of students from all around India. There was a total of 271 students who had registered and a total of 188 students were actively involved. All vying for a chance to win this competition, as well as cash prizes and other intriguing prizes.


STRATINNOVA- An online case study and Business Plan competition comprising two rounds- Case study solving and Business plan presentation. More than 350+ teams from all over India competed in this strategically challenging competition and made it successful.


In the first round, participants were judged based on analytical, logical reasoning, research and decision-making skills and were required to provide solutions to the problem presented by the company. While In the next round, participants were required to prepare a business plan based on the case study problem provided to them in the first round.


 "Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful'' 

                                                                                     - Warren Buffett.

An exciting competition organized by FIC, on the lines of the great Warren Buffett. The competition consists of two rounds. The first round being the 'Pen and Paper MCQ Round'. The teams were given 5 minutes to answer 15 questions. After 5 intense minutes, 15 teams made it through the first round. Following the MCQ round was the final unpredictable 'Bidding Round' that was indeed very intriguing because the tables started to turn as the questions progressed. Initially, each team was given virtual cash of RS. 1000. They had to bid for the correct answer that appeared on the projector's screen. The team standing with the highest amount of money after 15 questions were to be claimed as the winner.


"Research means that you don't know but you are willing to find out."

  FIC organized a Research Paper Competition on the theme -  “COVID-19: A strategic opportunity for sustainable development”, to encourage critical thinking, strengthen research ability and refine the participant's analytical approach and time management skills. The competition was open for undergraduates and students who had appeared for the AISSCE 2020. The competition was a great success and we got to facilitate some amazing entries.