The Finance and Investment cell, Daulat Ram College is a student-driven initiative with a propelling vision of improving the financial acumen of students. Every year the cell organizes several exciting events, webinars, competitions. To kick start the dynamic year and to provide an opportunity to students to showcase their skills in research and presentation, FIC organized the 'Research Paper Competition'. The next big event that leaves a mark for itself is 'Stratinnova'- an online case study and business plan competition. Keeping all events aside, the highlight of the year was undoubtedly the two-day annual fest- Excogitatia 2021. After being a huge success in the offline mode, Excogitatia also overcame all the obstructions and drawbacks that came with the lockdown and became a splendid success. The five grand events that took place in the fest were ‘Niti Nirman’, ‘Bid to Build’, ‘Mocktion’, ‘Fintellect’, and ‘Game of Stocks’. The cell also conducted a lot of insightful webinars to add up to the knowledge of the students. Some of them were -‘Career options available in financial market domain’  conducted in collaboration with BSE Institute, Another one on ‘Pathway to prepare for GMAT/GRE’  conducted in collaboration with ‘Endeavour’.