Authored By:

Yamine Gupta, Researcher

We live in a country where a goddess is worshipped for wealth and prosperity, and yet this great nation of ours has a male-dominated financial sector. Seems ironic, right? But nothing stays forever, the dominance must come to an end, and many women are working on that. One such woman is, Deena Mehta.

A successful businesswoman, stockbroker, financial adviser, investor, and CA, is India's first female stockbroker. Deena was Born on February 18, 1961. She was the first female member of the Bombay Stock Exchange who later becomes the first women president of it in 125 years of the exchange system which proves that women can excel in every sector. She is a pioneer as she was the first woman going in such a field.

Deena Mehta is the very first woman director on the board of the Bombay Stock Exchange who served as the vice-president for two years and later was elected as president of the BSE. She is currently the managing director and chief executive officer of Asit C. Mehta Investment Intermediates Ltd. Mehta with her skills and knowledge played an active role in the transformation of Indian equity markets during her career of 35 years. According to Forbes & Business Insider, Deena Mehta's net worth is approximately $1.5 Million.

Her net worth is not the only achievement, She has been awarded for her outstanding contribution in the field of banking and financial services by Ladies Wing, Indian Merchant Chamber, and as outstanding Young Indian in Business Category by Indian Jaycees and has also been honored for her excellent contribution to the field of finance.

But how did she land in such a male-dominated arena? She followed her interest and her passion that is business and stock markets. She always loved finance and wanted to work in this field so she followed her heart and become a successful lady. According to her, every Indian should get a share of the prosperity in the stock market and every investor should participate in the financial markets as per his/her risk appetite. Therefore, her knowledge empowers individuals to make better decisions. She is more of a planner and executor, which can be seen in her way of working. She looks at a problem holistically, breaks it down into goals, and creates a path to reach each goal. "Live and Let Live" is the motto of her life. She also believes that each person has been sent on Earth to play a role, we must continue playing it. Mehta has been spreading financial awareness across the country and has conducted more than 1,000 training programs for investor education throughout the entire country. She is always keen on sharing information on investments opportunities and the financial markets. From penning articles on investor education regularly to engage in a normal conversation on the markets, Mehta is still giving her 100 percent to help impart knowledge on the financial markets.

She is truly a woman who broke the shackles of the male-dominated industry and battled with sexism to emerged as a powerful and independent woman. By breaking the norms of society, she proved the true essence of being a woman and managed every hardship in her life. She is extremely witty and an intelligent woman. She has crossed many hurdles in her life and has done it in style. With over 30 years of experience in the equity market, her knowledge in stocks, investment, and financial markets is at par with the best in the industry. She has managed to overcome each hurdle with sheer determination and willpower.

In nutshell, The capabilities of women in balancing the budget are often doubted by many, but those who point fingers forgot that the budgets of their homes are balanced by women. A woman can strike a balance and harmony between work and home if she is willing to let go of her power. We as women are our enemies. We wait for a man to arrive and uplift our life. This needs to stop, We need to find our own path. If our generation supports the girl and nurtures talents she will blossom. As parents and stakeholders of society, we must encourage her to live a life of balance. The mental blocks that we harbor need to be removed. The co-existence of genders, a life of peace is what will lead to a healthy society.